Stay Committed

At times, the myriad of motivational CrossFit posts all over popular social media can be overwhelming. We’ve all sat and read numerous examples of empowering articles or working to get what you want, motivational quotes, photos and transformation stories. The common theme of these is commitment and how it plays into any goal you might have. However many challenges and setbacks appear between you and your goals, you should never lose sight of them.

Coming into 2017, I knew one thing was certain: my goal for this year was to win the CrossFit Games.

After taking second place for the second consecutive year in the 2016 games, I was more than ready to up my game. There’s no way you can start throwing goals like “Fittest Woman on Earth” around, without being 100% committed to your cause. The build up to this competition was going to take all the fight I had, but I felt more enthusiastic and prepared than ever.

Quitting will always be the easiest option: the people who stop when things get tough are never the people whose names are put up in lights. Giving up on something is the only sure way of never reaching it: if you stop moving towards your end-point, you will never reach it. You will never know what you’re capable of if you don’t keep going. Even if you’re moving at what feels like your slowest pace, you’re getting steadily closer to being where you want to be – to being the person you want to be.

“Enjoy the process, and the results will come” might feel cliched, but it’s hard to put the sentiment into better words. Turning up at training every-day and striving to better myself has always been my main advantage. If I have a bad day (which I have many times), I return the next day even more determined to work harder than before, to improve on the person I was yesterday: failure should only ever be a spur to harder, smarter work.

I might be one of the smaller athletes in the field, perhaps even one of the more inexperienced, but I’m never going to let that stop me. In the past, when someone told me I can’t do something, I only allow it to increase my drive and determination to win. I might not be the best at a certain element tomorrow, or ever a few month down the line, but I know that I can be if only I commit the time, effort, and expertise to practicing it.

Motivation comes in many forms. As the owner of a CrossFit Affiliate, I get a boost from seeing all my members pull together on open workouts. Being able to create such a fantastic environment for the beginning stages of my run to the games, that everyone around me can get involved in, is a wonderful opportunity. Nothing gets me more fired up than watching the athletes I train on a day-to-day basis breaking new ground and pushing themselves to achieve their goals. In this environment, the only option is to improve and keep pace with the people that support me and my dreams.

Staying committed is also the key to, and result of, amazing competition. I completed 17.2 alongside some of the most amazing women in the sport, which gave me the extra push to keep working through the discomfort and prove myself on the greatest stage. You don’t have to be grazing shoulders with the best in the world to push yourself: the CrossFit community is full of amazing people and good relationships with the people in your box is no different to competing alongside Camille and the Dottirs: supportive competition will always make you better.

Be sure to work hard, keep your goals in mind, and surround yourself with individuals who are both supportive and competitive. Your commitment will determine your performance and your long-term trajectory. No matter how training goes or what life throws at you: stay committed. You’ve got this.

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