Core Program – 8 Week




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6 Pack Attack – 8 Week Core Program

Do you want a stronger, more defined core and improved athletic performance? The core is crucial to preventing injury, improving technique and generating force. You won’t achieve this with sit ups alone – instead, we’re offering you the chance to train your core like a champion.

Winning the CrossFit games and being crowned “Fittest Woman on Earth” was a humbling experience – now I want to give back to this great sport by helping others to train and perform to their potential.

That’s why we’ve put together an 8-week program that is available to athletes of all abilities, focusing on developing the strength and definition of the core. The workouts in this program are a crucial part of my training every year and, with scaling options, provide a structured and effective approach to training for everyone.

This program is something I add to my training at the start of the training season to set a strong foundation for the other key movements. The workouts in this program are also similar to the workouts that I’ll perform year-round to ensure that my core is strong, stable and ready for any challenge that I might face.




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