6 Pack Attack – 8 Week Core Program



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6 Pack Attack – 8 Week Core Program

Do you want a stronger, more defined core and improved athletic performance? The core is crucial to preventing injury, improving technique and generating force. You won’t achieve this with sit ups alone – instead, we’re offering you the chance to train your core like a champion.

Winning the CrossFit games and being crowned “Fittest Woman on Earth” was a humbling experience – now I want to give back to this great sport by helping others to train and perform to their potential.

That’s why we’ve put together an 8-week program that is available to athletes of all abilities, focusing on developing the strength and definition of the core. The workouts in this program are a crucial part of my training every year and, with scaling options, provide a structured and effective approach to training for everyone.

This program is something I add to my training at the start of the training season to set a strong foundation for the other key movements. The workouts in this program are also similar to the workouts that I’ll perform year-round to ensure that my core is strong, stable and ready for any challenge that I might face.




  1. Francine

    I just bought the program, started it already, and i have questions about the work outs, for example:
    Week 1 session 3
    Tabata 20s/10s toes2bar, superman rocks, burpees
    My question is for how long? 4 minutes as usual? If so, this is three times toes 2 bar and superman rocks and 2 times burpee?
    Ir is this a 4 minute Tabata for Each one of the three exercises?

    where is the best place to ask you this questions?

    Thank you

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Francine,

      It is a 4 round Tabata and Tabata for each movement.
      If you have anymore questions please email tiaclair0@gmail.com


  2. COSIC Erina

    I ordered the Programs: The money was deducted, but I never get what: Fraud

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Erina! We are so sorry that you did not receive the program. You can still access that online but we are going to send that over to you now. Again we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!

  3. COSIC Erina

    Hello Can you send me the program because I still do not get it: Thank you

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