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6 Pack Attack – 8 Week Core Program

Do you want a stronger, more defined core and improved athletic performance? The core is crucial to preventing injury, improving technique and generating force. You won’t achieve this with sit ups alone – instead, we’re offering you the chance to train your core like a champion.

Winning the CrossFit games and being crowned “Fittest Woman on Earth” was a humbling experience – now I want to give back to this great sport by helping others to train and perform to their potential.

That’s why we’ve put together an 8-week program that is available to athletes of all abilities, focusing on developing the strength and definition of the core. The workouts in this program are a crucial part of my training every year and, with scaling options, provide a structured and effective approach to training for everyone.

This program is something I add to my training at the start of the training season to set a strong foundation for the other key movements. The workouts in this program are also similar to the workouts that I’ll perform year-round to ensure that my core is strong, stable and ready for any challenge that I might face.




  1. Francine

    I just bought the program, started it already, and i have questions about the work outs, for example:
    Week 1 session 3
    Tabata 20s/10s toes2bar, superman rocks, burpees
    My question is for how long? 4 minutes as usual? If so, this is three times toes 2 bar and superman rocks and 2 times burpee?
    Ir is this a 4 minute Tabata for Each one of the three exercises?

    where is the best place to ask you this questions?

    Thank you

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Francine,

      It is a 4 round Tabata and Tabata for each movement.
      If you have anymore questions please email


  2. COSIC Erina

    I ordered the Programs: The money was deducted, but I never get what: Fraud

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Erina! We are so sorry that you did not receive the program. You can still access that online but we are going to send that over to you now. Again we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!

  3. COSIC Erina

    Hello Can you send me the program because I still do not get it: Thank you

  4. Marley Orange

    I ordered the program in October of 2017 and never received an email, even in my junk folder.
    Sent a message via contact and still have had no response.
    Would just like the link to access the program,

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Marley,

      It looks like the order timed out and you were not charged. Can you please check your account and make sure the order did not get charged on your end?


  5. Harish

    Hi…I just placed the order and received a pdf…is this what I am supposed to get or would there be videos or such?

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Harish,
      The program is only the PDF which has various photos in of some of the movements.
      Check out my videos page as well for other tips.

  6. Emma Stevens

    Hello, I purchased the 8 week program and still have not received the email PDF

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Emma,

      We are sorry to hear that! We have sent an email with the PDF attached!

  7. Juana Elizabeth Garcia

    Six weeks into @tiaclair1 Core of Champions program and this is mid program progress. Six weeks of adding Tias core program into my training, and cutting out sugar and alcohol have been the best combination to seeing the results, and feeling better. I have got to say, this program is amazing, having a strong core is essential to all Crossfit movements, and this program is designed to strengthen and tighten what most of us lose quickly in workouts the core. This program is simply great and now I know why @tiaclair1 has one of the best cores and abs out there, it’s a very challenging program and recommend it to all. Each session progresses an old session and you will be feeling it in your core alright. Thank you Tia I plan to continue adding this to my routine and once I’m done, restart it.
    Xoxo Juana

  8. Mike W

    Hi Tia. I’m getting ready to start this program but have a question. For week 1 session 3. Is this a Tabata workout for each movement or do I cycle movements during the tabata time (20sec T2B rest 10sec 20sec Superman rest 10sec 20sec burpees….)
    Thanks in advance. Can’t wait to start! Looks tough but fun

  9. Holly

    I’ve paid but I’m still waiting for the program to be emailed. Could someone please send it through.
    Thank you

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Holly,

      We are sorry to hear that you did not get your PDF! We just resent via email.

  10. Karen Sawyer

    I’m in week 4 and loving it, I downloaded the program from the check out page to my phone and have been using it ever since. Today I went to see what the program was and it was missing from my phone. I can’t find it anywhere. I can’t find an email with the link to redownload it either. I purchased it approximately 5-6 weeks ago. Please help

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Karen,

      We are sorry to hear that you could not access the program!
      We have resent via your email.


  11. Ben

    Just one question can this be done at home without gym equipment ?

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Ben, Absolutely this can be done at home!There are few items from a gym that you may need including a pull up rack and med ball.


  12. Brittany

    I have emailed about this, and I ordered the program, twice now, never received an email or conformation page and my card was charged. I do not understand what is going on and why I haven’t gotten an email or anything back? I have checked Spam and everything and nothing there. I just want my program is all..

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Brittany,

      We are sorry to hear that! We have just sent an email with the PDF attached!


  13. Pete Miller

    I just purchased the 6 pack attack. Is the goal of the starting test to see how far you can go into the workout from the beginning? I can see its set on a running clock so i assume the test is to go until failure, which ever step you are in and attempt to go further at the end? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Pete! Those are great questions. The goal is to see how far you get through with the time commitment, Try to get through the entire workout out. If you fail that is your failure point! I hope this helps.

  14. Anna

    I’m super excited to try the program but after purchasing I can’t access it and never got the email.

    • Tia clairr

      Hi Ana,

      We apologize please check your email and you should see that in your email now!

  15. Molly R Whipple

    If I don’t have access to a bar or medicine ball is there alternative movements I could use?

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