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I am the current 2017 Fittest Women on Earth, (3x Crossfit Games Athlete) and an Australian Olympian in Weightlifting. I have always had a love for Health & Fitness.

I have come from a Cross Country & Athletics background but now I own my own CrossFit Gym and do CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.  I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and I could see what an improvement it has made in my overall fitness.

There has been a lot of work put in over the past few years in order to achieve my goals but it couldn’t have been possible without the support of my partner Shane Orr. We reached out to a number of specialised coaches to learn and educate ourselves on how to train and develop in each specific field, from CrossFit & Endurance Training to Gymnastics and Weightlifting. Now I want to be able to share my knowledge and programming with people that are looking for guidance and encouragement on taking their training to the next level. You might be a young chicken that is only quite new to the sport and has the desire to succeed or you might even have lots of experience in CrossFit but want to take that stress away from programming for yourself and just concentrate on your training. Let me help you make it a successfully and fulfilling Journey.

Training Programs

What you will see in my programs is a well thought out 8 week program that will cover specific domains in order to strengthen and tone those specific muscle groups you wish to focus on.

These programs will not only give you the definition and tone you are looking for but will also give you enough strength and speed to improve your specific fitness components related to those muscle groups.  I know this because I do these exact exercises throughout my own training.

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